The Mama Hub Maternal Home

In July 2019, Mama Hub partnered with Detroit Mamas Bloom Postpartum Doula Program to activate a pilot project funded by the Hope Starts Here Childcentric Grant. The Program allowed four Detroit-based doulas to provide free postpartum support to low-income Detroit mothers.

During the pandemic, this partnership provided postpartum care baskets and virtual postpartum doula support to local moms who'd recently given birth.

We are now in the planning phases of opening The Mama Hub Maternal Home, which will provide a unique and supportive community tailored for first-time expectant moms during the crucial transition from pregnancy to early postpartum. The Mama Hub Home will provide a warm and encouraging environment for 2 to 6 months for those who seek more than just a home – a place where shared experiences, expert guidance, and a supportive community converge.

Located in a quiet west-side Detroit neighborhood, The Mama Hub Maternal Home will offer a serene and secure space for up to four expectant moms at a time. Private bedrooms will be available at an affordable monthly fee, and include all utilities, WIFI, and washer/dryer access. With shared living and dining spaces and the support of a residential assistant, the home will be a comfortable sanctuary where new moms can prepare for and embrace the joys and challenges of motherhood. Residents will have access to prenatal education, postpartum doula support, breastfeeding support, peer support groups, as well as assistance with transitioning to stable permanent housing.

If you are pregnant and due in Summer 2024 (and beyond) and would like to be put on the interest list for The Mama Hub Maternal Home, please fill out the interest form below: